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Article: 5 tips for your first track day (This is not your typical list)

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5 tips for your first track day (This is not your typical list)

You've done it. It's time for your first track day! Now what…? Keep reading for my top 5 tips for beginners getting started.

Mindset - Have fun! Everything about this experience should be fun. If something is happening that creates a stressful situation, let someone know. The motorsports community is fantastic and the most helpful group of people I've ever experienced. If you're struggling, put your ego aside and let someone help you. Remember you're using your resources to enjoy this experience, don't allow goals and aspirations to get in your head just yet. There will be time for that, I promise! 

What to wear - Safety is quite simple for most HPDE organizations. You must bring a helmet (SA2015 or newer), long pants, and closed-toe shoes. Some groups will ask that you wear a long sleeve shirt constructed of natural fibers and others are okay with short sleeves. Personally, I would recommend a light long sleeve shirt and durable pants. Nothing complicated. If you're not quite ready to purchase a helmet you could always rent one of our OG Rentals. Remember, this is just the beginning; your snowball is building! 

OG Racing | Helmet Selection

What to bring - Despite the excitement of being on track, there is a fair amount of downtime, so make sure you plan for that. Bring a chair and anything you need to be comfortable outside for the entire day. You'll definitely want to bring some snacks, maybe lunch, and plenty to drink. A lot of tracks have concessions, but let's be honest. You can do better. At the bottom you'll find a simple checklist that you can use to help you plan your event. 

Driving expectations - So now that you have binged the entire season of Drive to Survive, you are awaiting your call from the recruiters. Let's remember this is day one. You'll have an instructor. The instructor isn't there to limit you but to build you up and help you get the most out of your day. Please don't disrespect your instructor; they have zero interest in ruining your good time, but if you don't jive, it will be a long day for everyone involved. You will be driving your car much more aggressively than you do on the street, and you will do it for long sessions. While 20-25 minutes feels like a TikTok dive away from history, it's a decent amount of time to do work on track. So breathe, relax and learn this will start a killer new chapter in your life! As for the actual driving, your experience during the day will significantly depend on you and your instructor's progress. As your day passes, your speed will increase, braking distances will decrease, and your line will improve. While we are not worried about lap times, those three things are the receipt to faster laps. Most people aren't surprised as much by the speed but by how hard you can decelerate and corner. 

 OG Racing | Roux Helmet
Rules, rules, rules - I know I have already said to listen to your instructor... Blah blah blah, but seriously reading the rules, and actually understanding the event before you arrive can make or break your day. Most organizations have the rules posted on their website, and almost all will have them available to you at the time of registration. Also, if you feel lost or confused throughout the day, look around and look for someone who looks like they know what they are doing and ask your questions. This community is equally as great in the paddock as they are on track, so embrace the social side of it and meet some people.
OG Racing | Track Day Checklist
Please print this checklist to help prepare for your event

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