How-to Wrap Shoulder Harnesses

A question that we get fairly often is how to wrap shoulder harnesses. So here is a quick guide to help clear things up. When you get your harnesses it is very likely that the shoulder harnesses, will have an attachment hooked to them; for most use cases, you will find that these are unnecessary. So, the first thing to do is to strip those off so that you have loose harnesses with no attachment hardware.  

Shoulder Harness Wrapping Diagram 

Below, you will see a series of pictures of unwrapping the factory provided attachment hardware. First, you will pull the harness tail out of the slot closest to the buckle. Next, you will need to feed the tail out of both slots until you have the buckle loose with the tail of the harness free. You will see that the harness is folded on both sides so that it fits through the narrow slot of the buckle. Pull the buckle off of the harness and straighten out the folds so that you have nothing left but the sliding adjuster; you will still need that, so no need to pull it off. 


For this example, I am wrapping the harness around a dumbbell; no matter what you are wrapping it around, the process will be the same except for the fact that you will be playing in your jungle gym, known as a roll cage.
First, it is a good idea to get a rough idea of how long you will need your harnesses to be. The best way to do this is to lay the harness in the seat and visualize where it will connect (take into consideration if you will be wearing a head and neck restraint - if you are, add an inch to the total length). Once you have determined how long you want the shoulder harness, slide the three-bar adjuster to the roll cage or harness bar. Next starting with the harness below the bar(fig1). Wrap the tail up and around, into the slot closest to the bar that is being wrapped (fig2). Next, feed the tail through the second slot; once you have the harness pulled all the way through, shimmy the adjuster tight against the bar (fig3). Once the adjuster is snugged up to the bar, you need to wrap the tail back through the slot closest to the bar; this locks the harness into the adjuster and prevents the harness from coming loose (fig4). So technically, you are done, but I personally hate having the tails of the harness loose. I use a zip tie to hold the slack together. I roll up the excess, sliding the zip tie through the center and then around the outside. 
The image below shows an example of how the wrap should look minus the bar. Notice how the tail of the harness is facing the direction of the loop; this shows that the harness has been properly wrapped back through the adjuster. 

If a video is more your style, here is a quick video demonstrating how to wrap a shoulder harness in a real world case.