Explore the Four New Camera Options for AiM SmartyCam 3


In the thrilling world of motorsports capturing every exciting moment on the track has become a must! AiM Sports, the experts behind data and video solutions, has taken a big step with their latest creation: the Aim SmartyCam 3. 

This SmartyCam 3 is available in four variations: Sport, Regular, GP, and Dual. While there are shared features, each caters to distinct needs and presents notable distinctions. Shared features across SmartyCam 3 include a Wide Global Shutter CMOS sensor to counter vibrations, customizable graphic controls, and automated recording initiation. Additionally, all four cameras intuitively choose the correct track and seamlessly integrate video and crucial data in a single MP4 file with automatic synchronization, enhancing analysis accuracy.

 Key highlights include the shift to 1080p video universally, the affordability of the Sport version, video streaming capabilities in the GP and Dual versions, and the ECU bridge included in the Corsa, GP, and Dual SmartyCam 3.  

 Join us in this blog as we briefly dive into each camera's details, strengths, and best uses, guiding you to the best application to capture your on-track and race day footage!


AIM SmartyCam 3 Sport: Versatile Excellence for Karting, Club Racing, and Motorcycles

AiM SmartyCam 3 Sport

Versatility meets excellence with the AIM SmartyCam 3 Sport, perfect for karting, club racing, and motorcycles. SmartyCam 3 Sport boasts a complete internal datalogger, real-time data overlay, and a robust design featuring strong sapphire frontal glass and a durable, waterproof aluminum body. Its wide Global Shutter CMOS sensor eliminates wave effects from strong vibrations and captures Full HD resolution at 30 fps. 

AIM SmartyCam 3 Corsa: Unleash Precision on the Touring and Sports Scene

AiM SmartyCam 3 Corsa

Ideal for touring and sports cars, the AIM SmartyCam 3 Corsa seamlessly blends video and data. This camera flawlessly merges video and data, offering a 120-degree field of view for comprehensive corner-to-corner coverage. With 1920x1080 resolution at 60 fps, it also employs a Wide Global Shutter CMOS sensor to counter vibrations.

Choose your preferred data layout, and enjoy auto start/stop recording. The camera's auto-track selection simplifies lap calculations. Combine video and data in a single MP4 file with automatic synchronization.

SmartyCam 3 Sport vs. SmartyCam3 Corsa

The SmartyCam 3 Corsa focuses on advanced data integration and high-quality recording for touring and sports cars. At the same time, the SmartyCam 3 Sport provides an all-around solution for enthusiasts participating in various motorsports activities.

AIM SmartyCam 3 GP: Precision Redefined for Open-Wheel Cars, Prototypes, Motorcycles, and UTV's

AiM SmartyCam 3 GP


The AIM SmartyCam 3 GP is designed for open-wheel cars, prototypes, motorcycles, and UTVs, offering professional-grade recording. It provides Full HD at 60fps and is available in three lens versions with optional CAN expansion cables. Key features include CAN and USB-C connections, 3G-SDI video output, a Wide Global Shutter CMOS sensor, SD card support up to 2TB, a bullet camera with lens options, and a compact design suitable for limited cockpit space.

AIM SmartyCam 3 Dual: Unparalleled Insight for the Most Demanding Racers

AiM SmartyCam 3 Dual

Designed for demanding scenarios like endurance racing and rally events, the SmaryCam 3 Dual boasts two cameras in one unit. With two synchronized cameras, it captures both the driver's view and forward perspective in full 1080p HD 60 fps video. It features a choice of lenses, CAN and USB-C connections, 3G-SDI video output, Wide Global Shutter CMOS sensor, SD card support, Race Studio 3 software, auto start/stop recording, and automatic track selection.


The AIM SmartyCam 3 series is a game-changer in motorsports recording. Whether you're carving corners in a touring car, conquering straightaways on a motorcycle, or chasing victory in a prototype, AIM Technologies has meticulously crafted camera options to suit your exact needs.