Vio Pov.1.5 Digital Video Recording System

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The VIO POV.1.5 is a perfect system for the motorsports enthusiast community.


NOTE: This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer, and is no longer available through OG Racing.

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The VIO POV.1.5 is a perfect system for the motorsports enthusiast community. Using the included star-mount, the lightweight tethered POV.1.5 lens is easily mounted to your racing helmet or any flat surface. Camera setup is just as simple - the built in 2-inch LCD screen allows you to easily see where the camera is aimed. When you're ready to record, simply hit the record button on the unit, or with the handy wrist-strap remote control! The unit records to an industry standard SD Flash Memory card (4 GB included) using the popular MPEG4 AVI Digital format at a maximum 720x480 resolution.

The VIO (originally Viosport) POV camera systems were created in response to demand from military, law enforcement and homeland security agencies for simple, rugged, wearable video technology. This criteria was quickly cross-marketed to the "extreme" sports market, quickly becoming a staple for skiers, snowboarders, motocrossers, etc. who desired a simple to operate Point-of-View camera that could withstand their abuse. Indeed, the entire system is built to withstand continual exposure to dust, shock, and water - all the things that make action sports fun!

Technical Information

• High-quality wearable video camera records with 720 x 480 resolution at 30fps
• Ergonomic user interface design enables single-handed operation and hands-free video capture
• Modular mounting system provides camera stability while attached to helmets or other high impact gear
• Components are shock-resistant, water-resistant and dustproof for use in the most hazardous environments

Video Hardware:
• Frame rates: 30fps, 25fps, 24fps, 15fps
• Resolutions: 720x480, 720x400, 640x480, 360x240
• Formats: MPEG4 AVI (DivX Codec) digital, NTSC/PAL analog
• Exposure control: Automatic exposure control and white balance

Imaging Hardware:
• Sensor: Advanced CMOS sensor with electronic global shutter
• Dynamic range: 75dB to 110dB
• Sensitivity: 5 lux color sensor (Sub 0.1 lux monochrome sensor)
• Processor: 32 Bit MIPS processor, 12 Bit image

• Sensitivity: F/#2.0, Relative Illumination @full Field 90%
• Effective focal length: 2.97mm
• Field of View: 110 degrees

• Mic type: Monaural Omni directional cable-mounted, -40dB sensitivity at 1kHz

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Vio Pov.1.5 Digital Video Recording System

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