Sparco Ergo RS-3 Racing Suit

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Sparco's original ergonomic, zipper-less suit - now at an entry-level price!


The Sparco Ergo RS-3 Racing suit brings the ergonomic, zipper-less suit to an entry-level price. The Ergo line of suits are designed to offer maximum comfort and driver performance while in a seated position. By removing the front zipper, not only is prime sponsor logo real-estate created, but extra fabric is removed from the torso area for minimal bunching in a seated position. The zippers are moved to the shoulders and placed in a forward position that does not interfere with Hans Devices (safety grab handles are still incorporated into the design.) Full length stretch panels run down the sides of the suit to not only make the suit easy to put-on/take-off, but also to increase driver comfort and mobility. The Ergo RS-3 is constructed from a mix of fire-retardant cotton and Nomex to increase overall breathability and offer a softer feel.

Technical Information

Rating: FIA 8856-2000
Layers: 2
Fabric: Nomex (Fire Resistant)
Fabric Weight: 390 gr/sqm
Part Number: SP1131 SIZE COLOR
Manufacturer: 001131xx

• Full-length stretch panels
• Affordable Ergo performance


Sparco Suit Sizing Chart

Sizing Tips: A Driving Suit should have a loose, comfortable fit and allow for a full range of motion. Make sure the fit doesn't change when sitting down! A suit that fits tightly may sacrifice the protective layer of air between the suit and your skin/underwear and can potentially decrease the level of protection provided by your suit. Driving suits do not "break-in" or stretch over time.

Note: Ergo suits are optimized to fit best in a sitting position. This can cause some odd fit characteristics when standing outside of the car. Please make sure to try out your suit while sitting in your car!

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