Simpson R3 Head And Neck Restraint

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Combined with the U-shaped seat pad, the R3 disappears into the seat back.


NOTE: This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer, and is no longer available through OG Racing.

We apologize for any inconvenience this product discontinuation may cause.

The Simpson R3 Head and Neck Restraint System (by Safety Solutions) is an SFI 38.1 certified device. Engineered to disappear into the seat for maximum comfort, the R3 is composed of a composite unit that is securely worn by the user via a combination of straps and buckles. Combined with the included U-shaped seat pad, the R3 disappears into the seat back, making the R3 undetectable to the wearer. The low top of the composite unit allows for easy exit from the vehicle.

Contoured Style is perfect for road-racing applications where seats are angled from 65-80 degrees. Includes upgraded EZ-Slide tethers for maximum mobility.

Technical Information

Rating: SFI 38.1
Part Number: LFTR3 SIZE SLD
Manufacturer: R3.xx.21

• Easy Exit, low top design
• Comfortable - Engineered with Molded Seat Pad to virtually Disappear
• Secure and Effective strap design in Rollover incidents and Multiple Impacts
• Includes molded seat insert


Safety Solutions R3 Sizing Chart

Measure Chest Size directly below pectoral muscles while wearing Driving Suit.

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Simpson R3 Head And Neck Restraint

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