Ribtect Fiberglass Karting Seat

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All of the same fit and support of the classic Ribtect Carbon-Fiber model at a fraction of the price.


The more affordable Ribtect Fiberglass Karting Seat offers all of the same fit and support of the classic Carbon-Fiber model at a fraction of the price. Because a go-kart has no suspension, the chassis itself must flex for the kart to corner correctly. This flex also goes through the seat. If a seat is too stiff, it will not allow the chassis to flex properly. This can cause a chassis to bind up which will slow you down.

Through many years of karting experience, Ribtect designed a unique lay-up with materials that allow for better chassis performance.

The Ribtect Fiberglass seat helps the chassis and driver to work better. Keeping the kart rolling free and providing a better launch out of the turns. Connecting more of the kart to the driver for a better feel of the chassis. Lowering the fatigue level of the driver, allowing for better concentration and improved consistency and lower lap times.

Technical Information

Part Number: RIFIBST

• Comfortable hand crafted shape
• Made from composite fiberglass
• Same shape as the carbon-fiber version
• Semi-shiny black finish
• Shape and depth of the seat spreads the load and shock over a larger area
• No shallow edge to dig into your ribs
• Gives driver better feel for chassis
• Lowers fatigue level
• Seats come with a variety of Ribtect decals


Ribtect Carbon Seat Sizing Chart

Ribtect Carbon Seat Sizing Diagram

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Ribtect Fiberglass Karting Seat

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