Performance Friction 0373.20 Street Pad - Carbon Metallic

SKU: PF13734

$24.99 $50.45

Performance Friction Carbon Metallic brake pads are designed to stop quicker, quieter and last longer then traditional OEM-style pads. Decades of research and development have resulted in a pad that simply outperforms ceramic and traditional semi-metallic pads in all categories. With Performance Friction's Multi-Layer Technology, brake noise is greatly reduced, while vehicle speciic formulated friction materials offer exceptional stopping power over a longer performance life.

This product is on backorder and will ship when available.

Common Vehicle Fitments:

Honda CRX Si 1990-91 Front
  Civic (4WD Only) 1988-91 Front
  Prelude DX 1988-89 Front
  Prelude (exclude Si) 1988-90 Front

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