Performance Friction 0163.80 Racing Pad - 80 Compound

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The classic Performance Friction 80-compound Racing Brake Pad is the pad that started it all! Performance Friction's first Carbon Metallic Pad, this low friction pad is still a favorite where pedal modulation is difficult and a more forgiving pad is needed. Even though newer pads provide the latest technological breakthroughs, the low torque 80-compound can still be found in a limited number of applications.

Common Pad Fitments:

BMW 2000 (All) 1969-71 Front
  2002 (All) 1969-74 Front
  3.0 (All) 1971-76 Front
  M5/M6 1987-88 Front
  528i 1979-81 Front
  530i 1975-78 Front
  6-Series 1977-82 Front
  733i 1978-82 Front
  735i 1986 Front
Ferrari Testarossa 1988-91 Front

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