Performance Friction 0052.83.14.44 Racing Pad - 83 Compound

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When it comes to slowing down under the most severe conditions, Performance Friction's 83-compound has a tremendous history of success. Initially a perennial workhorse in NASCAR racing, the 83-compound offers a higher bite then the popular 80-compound, with a rising torque-curve and low wear. Over 20 years after its initial release, the 83-compound still remains popular.

Common Pad Fitments:

Chevrolet Camaro 1969-81 Front
  Impala 1967-93 Front
  Impala 1994-96 Front
  Malibu 1973-77 Front
  Monte Carlo 1970-77 Front
  El Camino 1972-77 Front
Pontiac Firebird 1969-81 Front
  Grand Prix 1969-77 Front
  LeMans 1969-77 Front

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