OMP Tecnica Evo Racing Gloves - 2017 Model


$89 $159

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OMP's Technica Evo Racing Gloves features comfortable external stitching, a pre-curved construction, and a sticky silicone rubber enhanced grip. The fire-retardant silicone optimizes grip and sensitivity and is combined with leather inserts on the palm to aide in vibration dampening without loosing steering feel. An elastic wrist strap is combined with a velcro closure for the best of both worlds, while the slanted cut of the guantlet improves performance without sacrificing safety.

Rating: Part Number: OMIB756
Manufacturer: IB/756
  • External seams
  • Velcro closure for snug fitting adjustment at the wrist
  • Fire retardant silicon rubber inserts for best sensitivity
  • Leather Inserts for more resistance
  • Elastic wrist stop
  • Precurved external seams

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