Momo Mod. N35 Steering Wheel



Stock car inspired and designed with feedback from NASCAR, Momo's Mod N35 Steering Wheel meets the safety and ergonomic needs of circle track racing. 3 black anodized spokes carry a deep 87mm dish and are pre-drilled with 3-center mount holes. Yellow center stripe helps in keeping things centered, and is framed with a premium Suede wrapped rim. Although NASCAR inspired, the Mod N35 is suitable for any race, rally or off-road vehicle that needs a larger diameter wheel.

This product is on backorder and will ship when available.

Diameter: 350 mm
Dish: 87 mm
Fabric: Black Suede Leather
Spokes: 3 - Black Anodized
Mounting: 3-bolt
Part Number: MOMODN35-350MM
Manufacturer: R1971/35S

  • Meets the safety and ergonomic needs of challenging circle tracks.
    • 3-Bolt mounting for racing applications.
      • Momo branded center pad with suede wrapped rim.
        • 36mm x 28mm Grip Section.

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