Longacre Ignition Panel With 2 Accessory Switches And Lights

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The Longacre Ignition Panel offers a high-capacity ignition switch with weatherproof cover alongside two additional accessory switches and pilot lights. Attached to an attractive lightweight aluminum panel, the kit comes pre-assembled and includes all wiring and connectors.

  • Panel dimensions - 6-3/8" x 3-1/2"
  • High capacity ignition switch with weatherproof cover and pilot light
  • Starter button with weatherproof cover
  • 2 accessory switches with pilot lights
  • Lightweight aluminum panel
  • Assembled and wired, 40 amp @ 12v DC
  • Plugs into Longacre wiring harness
  • Soldered & heatshrinked connections
    • Longacre Part Number: 44881

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