Longacre Accutech Sportsman 3-Gauge Panel - OP, WT, FP

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Longacre's 3-Gauge Accutech Sportsman Panel comes complete with easy to read AccuTech Gauges. The 2-5/8" gauges feature a clean, easy-to-read face, and lightweight metal cases and brackets. Solid brass gears are viscous dampened for steady readings. The kit includes everything necessary for installation - heavily insulated wiring, soldered/heat-shrinked terminals, lights, and senders. Includes an attractive composite panel with carbon fiber pattern.

Gauges Included:
• Oil Pressure
• Water Temperature
• Fuel Pressure
Part Number: LONG44466
Manufacturer: 44466
  • Lightweight composite panels
  • 2-5/8" AccuTech Sportsman mechanical gauges
  • Pre-wired with senders and warning lites
  • Soldered & heatshrinked connections
  • 3-gauge panel with OP, WT, FP

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