HJC AR-10 III SA2015 Helmet


$249.99 $329.99

The latest HJC AR-10 III SA2015 Helmet introduces an all-new look, with an integrated duck-bill spoiler and a larger eyeport, making this helmet ideal for all levels of competition. Equipped with HJC's ACS (Advanced Channeling Ventilation System), the helmet includes two top-front vents, two chin-bar vents, and two rear exhaust ports, combining to flush out heat and humidity and keep your head cool in even the hottest conditions. The redesigned interior is covered with a soft fire-resistant, moisture wicking fabric to help keep things cool and dry. Pre-installed with Hans-compatible M6 terminals for easy installation of your head and neck restraint, and available in White or Flat-black colors.

This product is on backorder and will ship when available.

Rating: Snell SA2015
Hans Anchors: Pre-Drilled, Threaded
Weight (MED Size): n/a
Shield Style: AR-10 III
Part Number: HJCAR1015 SIZE COLOR
Manufacturer: 2xx15

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