Bell GP/K1 Pro Chin Bar Gurney

SKU: BE2022130


This product is on backorder and will ship when available.

The Bell Chin-Bar Gurney attaches directly below the helmet visor to increase stability at high-speeds and help prevent lift in open-cockpit cars by creating downforce on the front of the helmet. The durable, clear plastic kits easily attach with the included double-sided tape. Designed for the K1 Pro & GP helmets, the gurney fits many similar popular models such as the GP3 Carbon, GP3, M8 Carbon, M8, GP2 Youth, and K1 Pro. 
Part Number:BE202008x
Manufacturer: 2050072, 2050073
  • Medium: Effective at speeds above 150mph
  • Large: Effective at speeds below 150mph.
  • Clear plastic is ready for paint.

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