APEX Pro Track Coach


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APEX helps drivers learn to drive the car at the limit of the tire's grip, a valuable skill to have whether you are a racer, track day driver, or autocrosser. Think of it as a Grip Gauge that shows you where extra grip is being left on the table. If you are looking to drive faster, visualize the available grip, and win races, APEX Pro is for you!

A 9-axis inertial measurement unit coupled with a 10 hertz GPS and machine learning software creates an extremely powerful device that uses your driving to model the tires' limits. No base line data is required. The APEX Pro team has poured over hundreds of hours of testing to create software that can accurately model vehicles of all types, with drivers of varying skill levels, as they drive. The APEX App controls the device and runs on any Apple device using iOS 12 or newer software. It allows for powerful and intuitive analysis, data sharing, Crew View Streaming, and an awesome community of users.
Part Number: APEXAP-1
Manufacturer: AP-1
  • Microcontroller: Computer w/ integrated BLE app communication
  • 9-Axis IMU: Accelerometer + Gyroscope + Magnetometer
  • Pro-Grade GPS: 0.01 m/s speed + 50 ns time accuracy & 10Hz update
  • Includes baseplate

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