AIM Mychron 4 eBox Extreme Expansion Box



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The AIM MyChron4 eBox external expansion module allows you to further expand the already awesome potential of your MyChron4 Data Acquisition unit. The eBox Extreme adds all of the additional capabilities of the Ebox Gold, along with 3 additional analog inputs to collect data from additional sensors or potentiometers. Add to that the included 32mb Data-Key, and 2 additional temperature readings, and you have the ultimate data acquisition system for your kart!

The AIM MyChron4 eBox can also be connected to a GPS module (available separately) for track-mapping, or an LCU-ONE Lambda controller (also available separately). Best yet, use the included Data-Key to download your data to a PC for analysis with Race Studio 2, the free AIM software. With eBox Extreme, your MyChron4 can sample:
• Speed
• Two temperatures in addition to the default one
• Internal Accelerometer
• Lap time
• Data coming through the CAN bus
• 3 additional analog inputs (potentiometer, pressure-sensor, etc.)
Manufacturer: EBOX EXTREME

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