AIM MXL Pro05 Data Acquisition Dash Logger


$1,499 $2,999
The AIM MXL line of racing data loggers are used by racers around the world. The MXL logs data collected from both analog and digital sensor and is compatible with many AIM expansion modules. The clear and easy to read back-lit display is fully configurable with multiple pages and features custom alarms and shift lights. Lap times are sampled through an optical receiver (included) or via an external GPS module (sold separately.)

This product is on backorder and will ship when available.

Manufacturer:MXL PRO
  • 12 analog channels (Temperatures, pressures, potentiometers, Lambda probe, Gyro, custom sensors)
  • Max sampling frequency 4000 Hz
  • 6 configurable alarm leds
  • 10 configurable shift lights
  • 16Mb memory
  • 1 RPM channel
  • 4 speed channels
  • Engaged gear visualization
  • Internal lateral G sensor
  • CAN/RS232 Protocol for ECU interface
  • USB cable for data download
  • CAN protocol for communication with external expansion modules
  • Connectors: 2 Deutsch 37 + 22 pin connectors

The AIM MXL Pro05 is a professional racing data logger that features 12 fully customizable analog channels to read various pieces of vehicle data, such as water temperatures, oil pressures, suspension movement and anything else you can dream up. The digital RPM signal, and 4 separate speed inputs allow for a complete dash replacement in your race vehicle. The Deutsch-type connectors can be custom wired in a multitude of configurations for installation in any race vehicle, or use the CAN/serial ECU connector to connect directly to your existing computer (see compatibility list below). A lateral-G sensor collects telemetry data - combine with an option GPS module for complete track-mapping! Featuring 16 MB of memory, data can be recorded and analyzed later using the included Race Studio 2 software. 
Kit Includes:

  • MXL Pro Dash 
  • 37-pin, 12-channel analog harness
  •  22-pin, auxiliary harness
  • Infrared lap beacon receiver
  • Infrared lap beacon transmitter 
  • IR lap beacon transmitter 12V power adapter
  • Speed sensor, magneto-resistive
  • Speed magnet w/ mounting nuts
  • 3.5mm USB download cable
  • 1/8" NPT TR oil/water temperature sensor & cables (x2)
  • Race Studio 2 Software CD and User Manual

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