AIM G-Dash Digital Display for EVO4 Data Logger


$349 $429

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The AIM G-Dash is a compact, fully configurable display that is designed to offer a simple visualization of your EVO4 logger data. Capable of sampling all of the values from the EVO4, the easily controllable display lets you customize your data. Quickly toggle between pages on the display to view your lap-time, engine data, and more. Six LED shift lights can be configured for each gear and RPM thresholds. Additional LED alarms can also be added and customized with specific LED behavior (blinking and/or color) along with readable alarm messages. At the end of your session, you can quickly pull up your race & lap data without downloading the info to a computer. Note: Designed to be used with the EVO4 Data Logger cannot be used as a standalone display.
Part Number: AIMX55GDAH0
Manufacturer: X55GDAH0

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