Performance Friction Direct Drive Rotors - BMW E46 M3 Rear

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The Performance Friction Direct Drive Rotor is a direct 2-piece rotor replacement for the BMW E46 M3 rear brakes.


The Performance Friction 328.061.87 & 328.061.87 Direct Drive Rotor is a direct 2-piece rotor replacement for the rear of the BMW E46 M3. They are designed to be used with the factory caliper, with no other parts or modifications necessary. Kit includes everything needed (rotor, hat and hardware) for a single rotor replacement. Priced per rotor.

2-piece rotors offer better cooling over a one-piece design. Performance Friction's full floating Direct Drive attachment system allows the brake disc to naturally expand/contract both radially and axially without being constrained by the hub. This helps eliminate rotor warping, vibrations and pulsations. Due to the high quality of Performance Friction's design and manufacturing, the Direct Drive rotors are completely silent and rattle-free - a trait not typically found in many competitor's 2-piece designs. The hat assembly is completely reusable - no need to buy the entire rotor again! And, because the rotor is designed for use with the factory caliper, you can still use your favorite Performance Friction brake pads!

Note: Performance Friction Brake Pads are recommended for this set up. All other pads must be checked for proper rotor clearance at installation and periodically as they wear. Some brands of brake pads will fit at time of installation, but may contact the rotor-hat during use which can lead to brake failure.

Technical Information

• High Carbon Alloy with copper and molybdenum for high temperature strength and durability.
• Vanes turned OD and ID for balance to reduce thermal warping and vibration.
• Runout less than .001 inches, reducing Pulsation and Vibration.
• Thickness variation less than .0003 inches reduces Pulsation and Vibration.
• 47 or more vanes for superior thermal capacity.
• Aircraft quality heat treated for micro structure alignment and durability.
• Surface finish less than .7 microns.
• 100% measured and inspected to meet tolerance specifications.

Common Vehicle Fitments:

BMW E46 M3 2000-07 Rear

  Part Number: PFC Part Number:
Left PF32806187 328.061.87
Right PF32806188 328.061.88

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Performance Friction Direct Drive Rotors - BMW E46 M3 Rear

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