Performance Friction 7770.11.20.34 Racing Pad - 11 Compound

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Performance Friction 7770.11.20.34 (11 Compound) Pad fits many popular Brembo, Wilwood, and Outlaw race calipers.


Based on the out-going 01-compound, Performance Friction's 11-compound takes the same great high-bite and torque but with even better rotor and pad wear characteristics and improved bite, modulation, and release. Exhibiting a very high initial bite and torque, very little temperature induced torque rise follows. Less torque scatter exists for improved modulation with excellent release, helping to eliminate wheel lock at the end of a stop.

Technical Information

Common Caliper Fitments:

Manufacturer: Model:
Alcon DP Rear
  CAR 32
AP Racing CP5779, CP5780, CP5788, CP5789
Brembo X2.023.21/24
Wilwood Integra 4 and 6
Outlaw Radial MT
  6000 4P / 6P

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Performance Friction 7770.11.20.34 Racing Pad - 11 Compound

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