Longacre Roll-Off Set w/ Dual Side-Sliders

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Roll-Off set integrates the SideSlider into the 2 Roll-Offs - perfect for cars with independent rear suspension.


Longacre Side Sliders relieve any horizontal bind by allowing the wheel and scale pad to roll sideways effortlessly and virtually friction free. You get more consistent wheel weights for the most accurate setups possible, time after time. This Roll-Off set integrates the SideSlider into the left-front roll-off. This allows the front wheels to move sideways into their natural resting position.

When you lift your car to put on scales the front wheels camber in at the bottom. As you let it down the wheels must be allowed to freely camber back out or there will be a small residual bind in the chassis. This will make your wheel weights (and your setups) less than perfect. To avoid this the front wheels must be able to easily move sideways. With SideSlider your front wheels can move sideways effortlessly to relieve any camber-induced bind. This will assure you the most accurate, consistent setups possible.

Set includes 4 Roll-offs with screw-in feet and a SideSlider in both rear Roll-Offs.

Technical Information

Part Number: LONG72922
Manufacturer: 72922

• Roll your car off the scale pads then back on to eliminate any tire bind or side load for more consistent readings
• 6 swivel adjusters keep leveler rigid for accurate set ups
• Flip up wheel stops on two roll-offs for safety
• Lightweight for easy transportation and storage, all excess material CNC machined away
• Feet pop out for quick and compact storage
• For wired or wireless scale systems with 15" x 2.5" pads
• Pads can be mounted in roll-offs for a convenient easy-to-transport package
• Set of 4

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Longacre Roll-Off Set w/ Dual Side-Sliders

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