Longacre ComputerScales DXI Scale System - Dual Load Cells

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The lower deflection of the Dual-Load Cells significantly improves accuracy and consistency, particularly for critical cross weight.


The professional level Longacre DXI Computerscales shows all 4 wheel weights on separated displays for easiest viewing. Also shows ALL partial % and weights on a separate 4 line display that can be easily customized to your preferences. An easy-to-use Memory stores 8 setups with instant recall. The Premium Yellow cables come with billet connectors and locking rings.

Dual cells give you a much more rigid platform than any single cell pads can. The lower deflection significantly improves accuracy and consistency, particularly for critical cross weight. These new pads are fully CNC machined to a dead flat mirror finish - within just .005"

The professional DXI model alo features the special electronic stabilization circuitry. Using the latest 24-bit ADC converter (most other scales use 14-bit) and special proprietary software, small short-duration spikes are filtered from the readings. The result is a rock steady reading with little or no jitter. The weights you get are accurate, consistant and repeatable, giving you the most accurate settings possible to keep you running up front.

Note: Most Longacre scales are shipped directly from the manufacturer in order to make sure you get the most recent software updates. Please allow up to 2-weeks for delivery. The control box is user configurable to metric readings - however, let us know and we can have Longacre configure it from the factory if you prefer.

Technical Information

Control Box:


Memory: 8 Slots
Batteries: 6 AA
Cables: Yellow
Case: Silver

Size: 15" x 15" x 2-1/2"
Capacity: 1500 lb per pad
Finish: LMF CNC Machined
Load Cells (per pad) 2

• Premium Yellow cables and luggage grade silver carrying case
• 4 individual wheel weight displays
• Large 4 line display for all partial % and weights easily customized to your preferences
• Instant recall Memory for 8 complete setups
• Set of 4 Fully CNC Machined 15" low profile scale pads with DUAL Load Cells - 1500 lbs per pad capacity
• Advanced low power consumption electronics run on 6 AA batteries (included)
• Control box includes the latest stabilization circuitry - Numbers won't jump around!
• 2-year limited warranty

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Part Number: LONG72652
Manufacturer: 72652

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Longacre ComputerScales DXI Scale System - Dual Load Cells

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