Longacre Accutech SMI Oil Pressure Gauge

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Stepper-Motor style Oil pressure gauge reads from 0-100 psi.


Longacre's innovative Accutech SMi gauge is a 2-5/8" Stepper-Motor-style gauge that uses a small electronic motor that turns a fraction of a rotation to drive the pointer. Much more precise then traditional mechanical gauges, many pro-racing teams are switching to Stepper-Motor gauges to improve accuracy. The oil pressure gauge includes ultra bright LED warning lights that are easily set by the user and include 3 total set-points to make sure you notice problems before they become disastrous. At the first point, the single LED-light will illuminate; at the second, it will flash; and at the third, the light will continue to flash AND the whole backlight will begin to flash to warn you that something really bad is about to happen!

The kit includes everything necessary for installation - heavily insulated wiring, soldered/heat-shrinked terminals, lights, and senders. Oil pressure gauge reads from 0-100 psi.

Watch a short video from Longacre on this gauge:

Technical Information

Part Number: LONG46540
Manufacturer: 46540

• 2-5/8" gauge withmolded polycarbonate/ABS case
• Included electronic sensor drives the gauge - no oil or fuel in the driver

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Longacre Accutech SMI Oil Pressure Gauge

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