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This item has been moved. Please follow this link to purchase: Hans III Youth SFI Device


This item has been moved. Please follow this link to purchase: Hans III Youth SFI Device

The Hans III Youth Device is designed and manufactured specifically for young racers and smaller frames. Sharing the same comfortable, lightweight design as the adult-oriented Hans III Device, the Youth-sized model features a specially engineered hollow collar that reduces device weight substantially. By engineering specific reinforcements into the design, the exceptionally strong structure provides the same level of safety as every other Hans Device, but allows for the lightest and most comfortable injection molded Hans Device ever. Featuring a sculpted round collar (similar to the Sport 2) that allows for increased driver comfort and easier entry/exit from the car.

Technical Information

Rating: SFI 38.1
Part Number: HA3-YTH SIZE

• SFI 38.1 certified
• Youth size is perfect for smaller drivers!

Anchor Styles:

Hans Device Anchor Selection Chart

Note: Hans Anchors are available with or with-out backing plates. Many helmets are manufactured with a threaded, M6 insert bonded directly inside the helmet shell. If your helmet is equipped with this option, anchors are available without a backing plate for a slight savings in cost.

Free Hans Anchor Installation. Let OG-Racing install the Hans Device Anchors to your helmet! Select the option when ordering - if a helmet is also in your order, we will install the anchors to it. If not, we will contact you with instructions on how to ship your helmet to us!

Tools not included. Installation tools are not included with your device purchase. If needed, please select the option when ordering and they will be included at no extra charge. Click Here to Download the Hans Device Quick Start Guide and Installation Instructions.


Hans Device Sizing Chart

Note: The width of the HANS Device is sized to fit your neck or shirt collar size comfortably. You may fit several sizes - comfort is the final deciding factor.

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HANS III Youth SFI Device

HANS III Youth SFI Device


HANS Device - Hans III Youth

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