OMP One-S1 Racing Suit


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OMP's latest professional level racing suit is the culmination of over 40 years of motorsports experience, with innovations developed with the best drivers from racing history. The ultra-lightweight OMP One-S1 Racing Suit showcases OMP's Stretch-Dry System, a new fabric combination that combines OMP's Dry System technology with a new elastic 3D material to further enhance driver mobility and performance. The Dry System excels at allowing fresh air in and hot-air out, helping to reduce body temperatures and comfort, and is strategically placed on the back, hip, calves and under the sleeves to maximize mobility. The rest of the suit is constructed from a lightweight and soft knitted Nomex material and features full floating sleeves, and hidden inner pockets. Ultraflat, antirubbing seams are used throughout to further increase comfort in this exceptional and stylish suit.

Rating: FIA 8856-2000
Layers: 3
Fabric: Nomex (Fire Resistant)
Fabric Weight: n/a
Part Number: OMIA1852 SIZE COLOR
Manufacturer: IA01852
  • Semi-floating shoulder, legs and inner collar inserts using soft knitted elastic fabric.
  • Stretch Dry System fabric on limbs, inner-thigh, chest, elbows and knees are breathable and elastic.
  • Highly breathable Dry System 3D material on back, hips, calves and under the sleeves.
  • Regular fit, with ultra-flat, anti-rubbing seams, and soft knitted interior
  • 2 comfortable hidden inner pockets.

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