Chatterbox Tandem Pro 2 HPDE Intercom Package



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Chatterbox Student Headsets are currently out of stock with an unknown arrival date. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this manufacturer delay.

The Chatterbox Tandem Pro 2 Intercom system is the perfect package for driver-to-student communication at HPDE events. Affordable for the instructor, the compact and lightweight Tandem Pro 2 features crisp full-duplex sound that insures the student doesn't miss any instruction (or screams, cries, etc.) Our package includes the Chatterbox Tandem Pro Intercom, and 2 Chatterbox Student Headsets.

Part Number:CBTP2-PACK



Chatterbox Tandem Pro 2 (Quantity: 1):

The full duplex intercom system offers a robust solution for 2-way communication between the student and instructor. Using high-quality, noise-reducing hi-fidelity headsets (sold separately), communication is crystal clear regardless of background noise. The lithium USB-rechargeable battery allows for up to 10 hours of talk time (20 hours standby), insuring uninterrupted weekends at the track. A sleek, lightweight new design is half the weight and size of the old unit, and can be installed on your helmet, or slip into your pocket for safe-keeping.

Chatterbox Student Headset (Quantity: 2):

The Student Headset is designed to easily slip into any helmet for easy swapping between both drivers and instructors. Extra-long coiled cord allows for easy placement of the intercom in the center console.

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