Important Announcement Regarding Necksgen Helmet Anchors

We recently received the following important announcement from Stilo Helmets:

Recently, we have seen instances in which customers have installed Necksgen M6 bolts into Stilo helmets. In some cases, the bolt has seized in the M6 nut in the helmet. Some customers have then pushed hard enough for the M6 nut inside the helmet to come loose from the shell and then rotate the bolt to try to remove it from the nut. This caused enough damage to the inside of the helmet shell that the helmet was no longer usable. Per Necksgen, there was a batch of M6 bolts produced prior to March 2021 that had a problem that causes this result in some helmets. As of March 2021 all of the newly produced Necksgen M6 bolts have been made to a new standard and Necksgen has assured that this problem will no longer exist. Stock of Necksgen M6 bolts still in distribution made before March 2021 could contain M6 bolts from the problem batch. If M6 bolts from the problem batch are used in a Simpson or Stilo helmet, they could seize in the M6 nut possibly causing damage to the helmet.

Stilo/Simpson Performance Products will not warranty a helmet that has been damaged by the installation of Necksgen M6 bolts.

Although this was first reported by Stilo helmets, we do feel that this hardware could potentially cause similar damage to any SA2015 or SA2020 helmet. If you have a Necksgen device, we highly recommend contact Necksgen as soon as possible to see if your device is affected.