CTEK MUS 4.3 Polar Battery Charger

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Specially adapted for extreme charging between -22


The one-of-a-kind CTEK 4.3 Polar provides modern, advanced technology alongside a special adaptation to handle severe cold down to -22°F (-30°C). It was developed for vehicles requiring good battery care during cold winter periods, such as snowmobiles, ATVs, jeeps and cars. The CTEK Polar has a modified charging voltage function for optimized charging in extremely cold temperatures for both small (snowmobiles and ATVs) and normal-size batteries (jeeps and cars). The charger also features a unique reconditioning function which is capable of restoring stratified and deeply discharged batteries. CTEK POLAR is equipped with extremely cold-resistant rubber cables on both sides (AC and DC to the battery). With the advanced 8-step charging system, the charger analyses whether the battery can receive and maintain a charge. It is completely automatic and switches to effective maintenance charging when the battery is fully charged

Technical Information

Part Number: CTEK56958
Manufacturer: 56-958

• Complete Battery Care: Unique and patented system to recover, charge and maintain all lead-acid battery types to maximize performance and extend life
• Safe and easy to use: User safety through spark free operation and reverse polarity protection. Vehicle electrical safety through exceptionally clean voltage and current delivery with no surges or spikes. No need to disconnect battery from the vehicle when charging
• Connect and Forget: Simple plug and play operation. Select the program and mode and leave the charger to do the rest
• Unique 8 Step Charging: the patented 8 step program tests battery condition and revives, charges and maintains to ensure maximum battery life and performance. RECOND recovers deep discharged and stratified batteries. FLOAT/PULSE maintenance ensures ideal battery care during periods of inactivity.
• Charges down to -22°F: Specially developed for us in extreme cold conditions and featuring AC and DC cables adapted for low temperature use.
• Extends Battery Life: The unique features of CTEK chargers combine to maximize performance and extend battery life.

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CTEK MUS 4.3 Polar Battery Charger

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