Bell RS7 Kart K2015 Helmet


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The Bell RS7K Kart Helmet is the Kart-specific version of the popular RS7 Racing helmet. Based on the HP7, the RS7K features the same lightweight carbon-composite shell, but with a non-fire retardant interior lining. The innovative shell works together with the shield to help improve acoustic comfort while enhancing aerodynamics and crash worthiness. The sleek design includes an advanced ventilation system with 14 intake and extraction channels. The RS7 Karting Helmet includes a dual-screen anti fog (DSAF) visor and a rubber gasket seal to help keep the dirt and water out

Rating: Snell K2015
Hans Anchors: n/a
Weight (MED Size): n/a
Shield Style: SE07 DSAF (3mm)
Manufacturer: 2153402, 2153403, 2153404, 2153405
  • Based on the Innovative HP7
  • Lightweight Carbon Composite Shell
  • High-Pressure Molding System for Improved Shell Strength
  • Advanced Ventilation System with 14 Intake and Extraction Channels
  • Hollow Synthetic Rubber Gasket Seal Ensuring that Air, Water and Dust Can

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