Snappin Turtle Tie Back W/ Axle Loop

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Snappin Turtle Tie-Backs help make securing your car a simple task. The tie-back includes a built-in axle loop, connected via a single delta ring. These are typically used to connect the front of your car first, then use 2 Tie Down Ratchets to tighten the racecar down. The tie-back features twisted snap-hook ends for easy installation, while the axle-loop has a full length cordura protective sleeve. Both items are rated to 10,000 lbs.

Remember: Fixed length straps do not allow the position of your car on the trailer to be adjusted. Make sure to order the correct length! Axle loop adds an additional 12" to the overall length (24" model has 36" total length; 36" model has 48" lenght; etc.)
Part Number: SNV1924, SNV1936, SNV1948
Manufacturer: V1924, V1936, V1948

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