Sparco FIA Prime H-7 6-Point Racing Harness



This product is on backorder and will ship when available.

Based off of the ultra-lightweight Prime H-9 harness, the H-7 shares the same minimalistic principals, but using more affordable polyester-based webbing. 2" straps at all 6 points help to further reduce bulk, while Sparco's smooth action aluminum camlock mechanism is easy to use. Compact carabiner style anchors at the lap-belt provide a simple installation, while the shoulder and sub-belts feature wrap-ends.

Rating: FIA 8853-2016
Sub-Strap: Dual (2)
Lap Adjuster: Pull Up
Belt Ends: Shoulders/Sub: Loose; Lap: Sewn
Hardware: Included (Carabiner)
Part Number: SP4821HM
Manufacturer: 04821HMx

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