Sparco Victory RS-4 Racing Suit - Boot Cut


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The Sparco Victory RS-4 Racing Suit brings lightweight Hocotex single-layer technology to the masses! With it's budget level pricing, and both SFI and FIA homologations, the Victory is sure to popular at future events. Using the same innovative Hocotex technology found in the high-line Extrema and Eagle RS-8 racing suits, the super-thin fabric makes use of an intricate honeycomb structure that contains thousands of protective microcapsules. These insulating compartments replace the multi-layer fabric construction found in every other suit on the market. Twice as breathable as other entry-level suits, the Victory is a quilt-less design complete with pockets and 360-degree shoulder gussets. Stretch fabric has been added to the lower-back and sides to help increase comfort and mobility. A traditional belt is combined with boot-cut legs (complete with protective elastic banding underneath) to lend to a classic, yet modern style that is sure to turn heads!

Rating: FIA 8856-2000, SFI 3.2a/5
Layers: 1
Fabric: Hocotex, Nomex (Fire Resistant)
Fabric Weight: 350 gr/sqm
Part Number: SP1129HB SIZE COLOR
Manufacturer: 001129HBxx
  • Lightweight - Two times more breathable than a standard suit
  • Single Layer Construction, Multi-Layer Protection
  • Only single layer SFI 3.2a/5 suit on the market
  • 360 Degree Arm Gussets
  • Boot-cuff style legs (protective, elastic band underneath)
    • Internal Pockets and Belt

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