AIM Mychron5 Karting Dash Logger

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Wide 268x128 pixel digital back-lit display that can be customized in a variety of colors and contrast.


The long awaited replacement to the popular Mychron4 Karting Dash Logger has arrived! AIM's newest Mychron5 Karting Data Acquisition system has a bold, modern look featuring a wide 268x128 pixel digital back-lit display that can be customized in a variety of colors and contrast. The graphical display can be customized to display the data that is most important to you, with configurable alarm LED's that can be fully customized with any value. The Mychron5 makes use of AIM's robust integrated GPS technology, removing the need for track-side beacons and bulky GPS modules. All data can then be downloaded using the integrated WiFi connection - no more need for a Data Key or tangled cables! A internal lithium battery keeps things powered for over 10 hours per charge. The Mychron5 remains compatible with all of the Mychron4 expansion accessories for easy plug-and-play installation to your existing data acquisition setup.

Logger Kit Includes:
• MyChron5 Dash & Data Acquisition System
• Battery Charger & Cable
• RPM Cable
• Temperature Sensor (Choose from: Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT), Exhaust Gas (EGT), or Water (H2O)
• 4GB of built in memory
• Race Studio 3 CD

Technical Information

Part Number: AIMMCRN5
Manufacturer: X80M5x

• Wide display with configurable multicolor backlight
• 268x128 pixel high resolution graphical display
• Completely customizable pages
• Calculated Gear Number
• 2 freely configurable RGB Alarm LEDs
• 5 freely configurable RGB ShiftLight LEDs
• Tough nylon body
• Metallic pushbuttons
• Rechargeable Lithium Battery lasts over 10 hours
• WiFi connection
• Fully compatible with MyChron4 accessories
• Waterproof IP65

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AIM Mychron5 Karting Dash Logger

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