AIM EVO4 Data Logger

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Professional-level modular datalogger with integrated GPS


The AIM EVO4 Data Logger is a compact, professional-level modular datalogger with integrated GPS. Easy to setup using the included Race Studio 2 software, the EVO4 samples data directly from many modern ECU's, or directly through 5 analog channels, 2 speed inputs and a dedicated RPM input (additional channels can be added through AIM CAN expansion accessories). An integrated three-axial accelerometer records cornering, braking and acceleration forces, while the integrated GPS provides precise lap timing and track position analysis. EVO4 can also be connected to the AIM Dash of your choice to allow for real-time display of all of your data.

Includes: EVO4 Data Logger, GPS antenna, USB cable, RPM cable, Serial+CAN cable, Race Studio 2 software.

Combine with the AiM G-Dash Dash Display to create a complete dash system!

Technical Information

Part Number: AIMEVO4
Manufacturer: X60E413M3

• Integrated GPS & tri-axial accelerometer
• Connect directly with the vehicle ECU for additional data
• 5 Analog-channels, & 2 designated Speed-channels
• External Power
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AIM EVO4 Data Logger

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