Aeroquip 90 Degree Socketless Aluminum Hose Fitting

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Aeroquip Reusable Socketless Nickel Plated Aluminum Swivel Fitting


Aeroquip 90° Reusable Stainless Steel Socketless Fitting, S.A.E 37°. Designed to be used with AQP Socketless hose, Socketless fittings are easy to install, with no wrench or clamp required. The reusable one-piece design allows for improved flow, and eliminates multiple leak points. This user friendly fitting is easier to install then the cutter-style, and comes in a tough and attractive electroless nickel plated finish.

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AN Size: Part Number:
-6 FCM1532

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Aeroquip 90 Degree Socketless Aluminum Hose Fitting

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