Sparco Pro 2000 LF Fiberglass Racing Seat - 2015 Model

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Now 15% lighter then the traditional fiberglass model.


Featuring an all new light-weight fiberglass shell, Sparco's Pro 2000 LF Racing Seat is now 15% lighter then the traditional fiberglass model. The lighter weight, and the slightly changed graphics are the only things that differentiate this from the original Pro 2000 which has remained relatively unchanged since 1995. Why mess with what works? The lightweight fiberglass shell is extremely stiff, with excellent lateral support. The extra-deep side bolsters help keep you firmly held in place, with non-slip material on the shoulders to further reduce side movement. High-wear material on the seat edges improve durability, while movable kidney cushions for added support and comfort.

Technical Information

Rating: FIA 8855-1999
Shell: Fiberglass
Weight (lbs): 13.4 lbs. (Shell only)
Mounting: Side, Bottom
Part Number: SP8081F
Manufacturer: 008081FNR

• Installation: Side Mounting - Use Sparco Side-Mount Brackets OR Bottom Mounting - Mount to Sparco Slider Kit and appropriate adapter bracket.
• All new lightweight shell is 15% lighter then previous models
• No-slip fabric on shoulders and bottom cushion
• Includes removable lumbar supports


Sparco Pro2000 Seat Sizing Chart

Sparco Seat Sizing Diagram

A: Internal width at torso bolsters
B: External width at torso bolsters
C: Internal Width at center cushion
D: External width across thigh bolsters
E: External width at shoulders
F: Base Width
G: Base length (Front-to-Back)
H: Mounting Hole Span (Side-Mounting seats only)
I: Projection of Seatback
L: Height from base to shoulder wings
M: Height (Top-to-Bottom)

Note: All measurements are in millimeters. Measurements are based on the seat shell, and do not take into account padding thickness.

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Sparco Pro 2000 LF Fiberglass Racing Seat - 2015 Model

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