AIM Mychron 4 660 Data Acquisition Gauge

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Perfect for viewing and recording all the run data for your Jr. Dragster.


Designed specifically for Junior Dragsters, the AIM Mychron 4 660 is a modular, expandable system geared to sample, view and record all the run data for you Jr. Dragster. As a standalone unit, the MyChron4 660 records Engine RPM, Wheel Speed in MPH (calculated by jack shaft RPM and final drive ratio), Exhaust Gas Temperature, and Cylinder Head Temperature. CVT and overdrive percentage are product of engine RPM and jack shaft RPM. It also provides linear g-force as a derivative of wheel speed or rate of acceleration. Each channel is recorded 50 times per second (50Hz).

The Mychron 4 660 can also be expanded to record GPS data and/or LCU-ONE Lambda controller with the optional Data Hub and Data Key.

Technical Information

Part Number: AIMM4660
Manufacturer: X50M4DRNSGA

• Steady Stage: MyChron4 660 includes by default an RPM display stabilizer automatically invoked below 5000 RPM. The RPM stabilizer will slow and average the engine RPM on the display.
• Real Time Display: In the real time view the Engine RPM's are displayed as large digital numbers, smooth and steady. You can also see both your cylinder head temperature and your exhaust gas temperature, labeled EGT and CHT.
• Built in Clock and Calendar: MyChron4 660 has also got a clock and calendar to time and date stamp every run.
• Improved Post Run Review: At the touch button, you'll get your maximum engine RPM, maximum jack shaft RPM, maximum temperatures, total recorded run time and much more.
• New graphical display: Clear graphical display of RPM and jack shaft, as well as Exhaust Gas and Cylinder Head Temperatures, and even CVT, Overdrive channels and calculated wheel speed in MPH.
• Legal by current NHRA rules.
• Dimensions: 125.7 x 87.7 x 20.5 mm
• Weight: 293 g
• Waterproof IP65

Click here to view the AIM MyChron 4 660 User Manual

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AIM Mychron 4 660 Data Acquisition Gauge

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